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About Us

For almost 100 years now, the Paul Hölzer GmbH has been standing for quality and tradition. The family business founded in Solingen in 1918 by Paul Hölzer initially produced pocket knives and cutlery.

After a very successful start, the production was expanded to jack-knives and razor blades. Shortly after, the business changed the entire product-line to tools for goldsmiths, jewellers, watchmakers and opticians.
The registered mark designations ASKET, PH-GERMANY and ARROW Germany are world-famous. The long-standing customer base in Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA appreciates our multifaceted spectrum and the individual customer support.

The main focus of the production is on the customization of pliers and tweezers for precision work of every description. For centuries, the precision tools of Paul Hölzer GmbH have been a standard for watch makers, jewellers and goldsmiths and also in the optical-, electrical- and textile industry, as well as in the surgical ward. Likewise, we have the right tools for do-it-yourselfers, stamp-collectors and chefs.

Today, the business is run by Karl-Heinz Rodenkirchen in the third generation.